Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Gene Wolfe tidbits (October 2014)

I haven't done one of these in a while, mostly because I haven't been coming across all that many news/interview items lately. But there have been a couple of interesting interviews recently that deserve to be mentioned, so I'm listing them here along with some other noteworthy items since my last 'tidbits' mid-2013:

Gene Wolfe: Legend, novelist, philosopher
Interviewed by Robert K. Elder, 2 October 2014
A great interview covering writing, religion, and even the academic reception of his work. The interviewer asks Wolfe what he is currently working on and gets a response that I (as a librarian) find very intriguing:
Q: What’s the next book?
Wolfe: What I’m doing now is writing a sequel to a book that is not yet appeared, “A Borrowed Man.” “Interlibrary Loan” is the name of the sequel. “A Borrowed Man” is about a man who is a library resource and is treated as much like a library book. And in other words, you can go in and you can check this man out of the library, and pick his brains probably about whatever.
     He is a clone from the DNA of a dead author, who has been given the memories of the dead author.

A Twelve Tomorrows exclusive: Science fiction legend Gene Wolfe looks back on his career
Interviewed by Jason Pontin, 25 July 2014
Another interesting interview in which Wolfe talks about writing, religion, war, his childhood, his current health and his recent move back to Peoria, Illinois.

Gene Wolfe: No Comparison
A Conversation with Paul Di Filippo, 17 December 2013
An earlier interview coinciding with the release of The Land Across, Wolfe's most recent novel. It is particularly enjoyable for Wolfe's retelling of the legend of the king of the cats. 

And finally, a very good retrospective on Wolfe's work was published on A Dribble of Ink a couple of months back:

Gene Wolfe: The Reliably Unreliable Author 
By Chris Gerwel, 28 July 2014