Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Gene Wolfe tidbits (April 2013)

Welcome to the second instalment (first here) of tidbits relating to Gene Wolfe picked up over the last month from various shady corners of the interwebs. Not a lot this month, but a few neat things to chew on...

Shared Worlds - "Hand in Hand" (March 2013)
This webpage, which I found out about this through the SFWA website, was created to encourage registrations for the 2013 Shared Worlds Teen Writing Camp at Wofford College in South Carolina. It features snippets of writing advice from science fiction, fantasy and horror writers (including Wolfe, Gaiman and others) written on their hands and photographed. Quite a neat concept!

Dragoncon - Gene Wolfe (April 2013)
A very entertaining mini-biography of Wolfe, who is one of the featured guests of this year's Dragoncon (30 August - 9 September 2013 in Atlanta). I assume it was written by Wolfe himself, given the writing style, humour and inclusion of random details I'm fairly sure I haven't read elsewhere - including this fantastic little story that describes Wolfe's retirement from Plant Engineering, the trade journal he was editing, in 1984 to write full time:
By the goodwill of the editor-in-chief, Leo Spector, he got a farewell dinner at which a dozen speakers insulted shamefully. He then rose and insulted all of them back, ending his little talk by throwing aside his orange trade-show jacket, his tie, and his white shirt. Beneath it he wore a T-shirt: REALITY IS A CRUTCH FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN’T HANDLE SCIENCE FICTION.

J E Mooney - Shadows of the New Sun (excerpt) (25 April 2013)
Tor.com has published J. E. Mooney's foreword of the upcoming Gene Wolfe tribute anthology, Shadows of the New Sun. We also now have a more solid release date, 27 August 2013, and a cover: