Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Gene Wolfe tribute anthology to be published in 2013

I just found out that a Gene Wolfe tribute anthology, tentatively titled Tales from the New Sun and edited by Jean Rabe, is due to be published by Tor in (US) Spring 2013. In July, Jack Dann, a contributor to the anthology, posted the below table of contents on his blog. It looks like the anthology will include two new Wolfe stories (or perhaps they're the book's introduction and afterword?) and some fascinating-sounding short fiction, including Neil Gaiman's "The Lunar Labyrinth." Nancy Kress's story, and probably others as well, will be set within worlds created by Wolfe. I'm looking forward to this one!

Gene Wolfe, "Frostfree"
Neil Gaiman, "A Lunar Labyrinth"
Joe Haldeman, "The Island of the Death Doctor"
Timothy Zahn, "A Touch of Rosemary"
Steven Savile, "Ashes"
David Drake, "Bedding"
Nancy Kress, "... And Other Stories"
Jack Dann, "The Island of Time"
Michael Swanwick, "The She-Wolf’s Hidden Grin"
Michael A. Stackpole, "Snowchild"
Mike Resnick and Barry Malzberg, "Tourist Trap"
Aaron Allston, "Epistoleros"
Todd McCaffrey, "Rhubarb and Beets"
Judi Rohrig, "Tunes From Limbo, But I Digress"
William C. Dietz, "In the Shadow of the Gate"
Marc Aramini, "Soldier of Mercy"
Jody Lynn Nye, "New Sun"
David Brin, "The Logs"
Gene Wolf, "Sea of Memory"

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Title for new Wolfe novel; uncollected short story list updated

Just a quick post to note a couple of things. In a recent interview with Stephen C. Ormsby, Gene Wolfe wrote that he's finished The Land Across (presumably to be published next year) and is now working on another novel titled A Borrowed Man. No word yet what it's about, but the title at least sounds interesting! Wolfe briefly discussed the idea behind The Land Across with C.S.E. Cooney a 2010 interview.

Also, I just updated my list of Gene Wolfe's uncollected short stories (also on Google Docs) to include a few more stories from recent years. One of which,"Planetarium in Orbit," has only been published in a "Chicago in 2012 Worldcon Bid" booklet released at Anticipation (the 67th Worldcon) in August 2009. Does anyone have this? I'd be interested to know what it's about. Given Wolfe has had 29 short stories published since 2004, I wonder if we're due for another collection some time soon?