Sunday, 4 December 2011

Another reason to play Skyrim

I recently read an article on Paste Player, "Reading a Videogame: The Books of Skyrim", about the many books in Skyrim and the other Elder Scrolls games. The article consists largely of an interview with the Skyrim co-lead developer Kurt Kuhlmann and contains the following awesome nugget of information:
Kuhlmann’s own influences, direct and indirect, include “Gene Wolfe, Jorge Luis Borges, Paul Park, Jeff Vandermeer, and Tolkien for the Silmarillion.”
Now I have yet another reason to buy Skyrim! To scour it for Gene Wolfe references! Although this may mean reading through hundreds of pages worth of in-game books... I wonder if I can justify the time this would take by calling it 'research'? I'll say 'yes'.

One of the majestic dragons of Skyrim. Makes me think of Wolfe's The Wizard Knight,
which is fresh in my mind. Screenshot from The Escapist.