Sunday, 19 June 2011

My new blog: unfashioned creatures

Last week I created a new blog, unfashioned creatures. As I explain on the blog's first post, I created this blog, silk for caldé, as a place to discuss Gene Wolfe's work and develop ideas for my honours thesis on The Book of the Long Sun. However, I have also written a number of posts here that have nothing to do with Wolfe or sf literature, and this is something I have felt increasingly uncomfortable with, since this started out as a Wolfe-focused blog and is now linked to on other Wolfe-related websites, such as Ultan's Library. Thus, I have created unfashioned creatures as a place to post random miscellaneous outbursts of nerdiness.

This blog isn't going anywhere. There's a lot more research I plan to do on Wolfe's work and I've got a lot of his writing still to read. I'm about to post on The Knight, and I really should get around to posting on Home Fires at some point. I'm also planning to read through Letters Home and write a few posts on that as well. But if you're also interested in other posts by someone generally obsessed with sf/fantasy literature, film, tv, games, etc., then please do check out unfashioned creatures. You will also find a link to it, and feed from it, on the left sidebar of this blog.

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