Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Gene Wolfe interview on io9

Just a quick post to point out a new Gene Wolfe interview on io9. The interview, which has just been posted, was conducted last month by io9's Josh Wimmer, and has been titled "Gene Wolfe talks dystopian futures, and the chances of star-drive in our lifetime."

The interview covers some good ground, including Wolfe's experiences in the Korean War and his predictions about where the world is going, while focusing on his new novel Home Fires, which was released earlier this month (although I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail - that's what happens when you live in Australia, I guess).

Josh also does a good job of introducing Wolfe, and I particularly liked this paragraph:
No one else writes like Gene Wolfe. Perhaps most famous for his four-part Book of the New Sun — which Neil Gaiman called "the best SF novel of the last century" — the onetime industrial engineer and editor crafts stories that seem to hint at dozens of things left unsaid. His prose can be simultaneously baroque and perfectly clear, demanding deeper engagement from readers than most fantasy and science-fiction literature does — and supplying commensurate rewards.
Hear, hear! Check out the whole interview on the io9 blog, which is one of my favourite sources of nerdy news.


  1. The book was actually just published yesterday, so it may take a bit to get all the way to Australia. But I'm sure it'll get there eventually!

  2. Hmm... BookDepository apparently shipped it on 13/1/11, so a week ago. You're right though, I've got to be more patient!