Sunday, 19 December 2010

More on Gene Wolfe's upcoming Home Fires

Just a couple of quick updates on Gene Wolfe's upcoming stand-alone novel Home Fires, due out in January 2011.

First, Lawrence Person has written an insightful review of Home Fires on his blog. The book sounds like it will be an interesting read, although perhaps not one of Wolfe's most most significant novels. I particularly look forward to the plays on genre that Person identifies: "Homes Fires is science fiction novel as romance novel as mystery novel as spy novel, and any given scene may be fulfilling the expectations of any of those genres." Person also notes that the novel's protagonist, Skip, is a "deeply honest, good-hearted and dependable" character, much like Patera Silk in The Book of the Long Sun.

Also, PS Publishing is doing a limited edition printing of Home Fires: 300 jacketed hardcovers, signed by Wolfe, and 100 traycased hardcovers, signed by Wolfe and Alastair Reynolds, who wrote the introduction for the PS Publishing edition. The cover (below) looks fantastic.

The PS Publishing cover of Wolfe's Home Fires. Art by David Gentry.