Friday, 9 April 2010

Blog update

The blog now has a nice new layout, thanks to Blogger in Draft's new Template Designer. I think it now uses space better, and is much more readable (being black text on a white background, and not the other way around). Playing around with the Template Designer has been heaps of fun, and a great way to procrastinate.

After playing around with the new Pages feature, I have created an 'About' page, with some information about myself and what I do. Currently the 'Home' and 'About' page links are on the left of the page, though I'm still not sure where they should be (I wasn't much of a fan of having the Pages tabs at the top of the screen, though that might work better if I end up adding more pages in the future). I just wish the pages allowed for greater customisation - removal of the sidebars for example - instead of being identical to blog posts.

I have this neat library software on my Mac called Delicious Library. I've been having fun with the 'publish' feature, and decided to 'publish' my Gene Wolfe bookshelves – you can view them here. I'll add more shelves as I get to know the software a bit better.

Now, time to get back to re-reading The Book of the Long Sun and drinking Ceylon Orange Pekoe tea...

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  1. Apparently some people have had trouble with the new layout while using older web browsers. If you're having problems, try upgrading to the latest version of your browser - or better yet, just use Firefox :D