Friday, 12 March 2010

Gene Wolfe interview on StarShipSofa

This week's issue of the StarShipSofa podcast (no. 124) contains a fantastic 45 minute interview with Gene Wolfe. He discusses a range of topics: he remembers back to experiences from his childhood, discusses the joy of writing and the nature of science fiction as a genre, updates on his current day-to-day life, and talks about his latest novel The Sorcerer's House (as well as mentioning some other recent and upcoming writing projects). Best of all, Wolfe sounds very happy while giving the interview, being glad to talk about his writing and his life. It is a great interview and definitely worth listening to. You can listen online or download the podcast here, or via iTunes here.

A few weeks back (no. 120) they had Wolfe's story "Pulp Cover" narrated. Previously there has been an audio play of "The Tree is My Hat" (no. 49), and a narration of "The Vampire Kiss" (no. 60), which was also published in StarShipSofa Stories Volume 1.

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