Thursday, 11 March 2010

Aussiecon Two Convention Handbook

I love perusing my library's rare books collection. Today I came across the Aussiecon Two Convention Handbook. Aussiecon Two was the 43rd World Science Fiction Convention, held 22-26 August 1985 in Melbourne (Aussiecon Four is upon us later this year). The professional guest of honour for the convention was none other than Gene Wolfe. I would have gone, but I was only an embryo at the time.

The handbook includes the original publication of Wolfe's essay "Peace of My Mind"; an article by John Clute titled "Gene Wolfe – Shadow of the Torturer?"; and a short bibliography of Wolfe's fiction. There are also fantastic full-page advertisements for Wolfe's Free Live Free and the tetralogy of The Book of the New Sun. A lucky find! We also have the convention's conference proceedings at the library, with an article titled "Audience and the Narrators in Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun" by Norman Talbot.

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