Monday, 14 December 2009

Christmas in the Stars

A friend of mine sent me this link - and I thought it was worth sharing.

You can even listen to free samples of the tracks, and hear C3PO and R2D2 sing the fantastic title track "Christmas in the Stars". Pity the album is out of print and so damn expensive now!
Also on the topic of Christmas, I highly recommend checking out StarShipSofa podcast no. 56, which has narrated a China Meiville story called "Tis the Season" - a really hilarious short Christmas story.
I'm looking forward to January - until then I hardly have time to breath (yet alone read all the books I have waiting for me). Last weekend was a close friend's wedding, and this coming weekend is my sister-in-law's wedding (which seems to be taking up a *lot* of our time at the moment, since my wife is Matron of Honour). Christmas is a few days after that, and we'll be travelling between Wonthaggi and Melbourne for most of that day. Soon after that is my other sister-in-law's birthday, then New Years Day. And finally, on 4 January, my wife and I will be escaping all this craziness and going to Prato, Italy for four weeks to undertake a short-term international study program called "Dante's Medieval World" (she's taking the unit for credit towards her degree, and I'm auditing, i.e. tagging along). I was reminded yesterday that I can't take a suitcase full of books, and that I'll need to ration some space for clothes. Damn.
Hopefully when I next have time to write a blog post I'll have finished James Blish's A Case of Conscience and can write about that. I've had so little time to read, I'm still only half-way through the short book. So far it has been interesting, though perhaps a bit full of long-winded dialogue. Anyway, tea break is over, now back to work - these Harry Potter audio books won't process themselves...

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