Thursday, 24 September 2009

A list of Gene Wolfe's uncollected short fiction

Upon request, I have made available my list of Gene Wolfe's uncollected short fiction. I have included the stories' titles and dates, along with citation details of their first appearances in print. I believe it is fairly comprehensive, but if you are aware of any omissions, please contact me. If you have any problems viewing the embedded document below (or at this URL), I would be happy to e-mail you a copy. Enjoy!

UPDATE (9/3/2010): "Easter Sunday" (1951) has been added to the list. The obscure story, available online through RevolutionSF, was originally published in Commentator, a Texas A&M student magazine (see Bill Page's Fantasyland/Aggieland, available online, for the original citation).

UPDATE (10/6/2010): I have changed the embedded document to a Google Docs document, which is more accessible and iPad / iPhone friendly. Alternatively, the document can be downloaded. I have also added some of Gene Wolfe's forthcoming short stories to the list.

UPDATE (30/7/2010): The short story "The Tale of the Four Accused" (1989) has been added to the list. Information comes from: Stephensen-Payne and Benson, Gene Wolfe: Urth-Man Extraordinary: A Working Bibliography (1991). I have checked it hasn't been collected since this bibliography was produced.

UPDATE (9/10/2012): Added "Planetarium in Orbit" (2009), "Last Drink Bird Head" (2009), "Innocent" (2010), "The Giant" (2011), "Josh" (2011), "Why I Was Hanged" (2011), and "Dormanna" (2012).

UPDATE (22/11/2013): Added "Frostfree" (2013) and "The Sea of Memory" (2013), which were published in the recent Wolfe tribute anthology Shadows of the New Sun (2013).

In addition to Monash University Library's Rare Books collection, 
I made use of the following online resources while compiling my list:


  1. Brilliant! There's such a great collection of Sci-Fi pulp in Rare Books.

  2. Interesting article and pics. by the way I love your layout. Cheers!


  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the list! I do have three omissions for you [and two small typos]...

    Swords & Dark Magic
    edited by Jonathan Strahan and Lou Anders
    (preorder--to be published in July 2010)

    Christmas Inn
    (PS Publishing 1-904619-90-8, Jan 2006, £25.00, 28pp, hc, cover by James Hannah) Fantasy novelette

    How I Got Three Zip Codes
    The Mammoth Book of Seriously Comic Fantasy, ed. Mike Ashley, Robinson 1999 (ss)

    Two stories are more properly known as 'The Magic Animal' and 'The Vampires's Kiss'.

    Very best,

    Calgary, Canada

  4. Thanks for the pointers Bruce.

    I did indeed miss "How I Got Three Zip Codes" somehow, and I did misspell "The Magic Animal" (I actually left the entire reference for that story incomplete, for some reason). I have made these corrections to the file and the new version should appear above. I have also added "Bloodsport", which was not known about when I wrote the document.

    I did not include "Christmas Inn" because it is published in the limited-edition Wolfe-only collection "The Very Best of Gene Wolfe", published by PS Publishing in 2009.

    And from everything I can tell, "The Vampire Kiss" is known correctly as "The Vampire Kiss". That is how it was printed in "Realms of Fantasy" and "StarShipSofa Stories Volume 1":

  5. Hi Silk, Thanks for updating your list. And yep, THE VAMPIRE KISS looks to be the correct title indeed...I blame a couple of poor sources! [and sloppy research].

    Best, Bruce

  6. ...and just one other thing [Colombo said].

    I don't know if you're aware of the two additional characters in the second printing of BIBLIOMEN [Broken Mirror Press, 1995]. Suffice to say there are 22 characters in search of a book. They are:


    Captain Roy C. Mirk, B.A., M.A. PH.D

  7. Yeah - I remember reading about that. I'm still saving my pennies for a nice copy of Bibliomen - they're so damn expensive though!! There are a few nice Wolfe books I'd like to buy first editions of, but I guess they'll have to wait until I'm no longer a student. One day...

  8. You can score one of the Broken Mirror edition for fairly cheap - relatively speaking...

  9. I've added "Easter Sunday" (1951) to the list. The obscure story, which had been made available online at, has been the centre of some confusion on the Urth mailing list recently. The authenticity of the online story was questioned, until the original citation was discovered in Bill Page's _Fantasyland/Aggieland_, available online at

  10. There's a new Gene Wolfe story coming in Elizabeth Anne Hull's Pohl tribute anthology: KING RAT

    It's out this summer from Tor.

  11. Ah yes, quite right. I have actually pre-ordered the book - it looks quite good. I'll update the above document shortly. Thanks!