Sunday, 20 September 2009

Audio SF!

I must share this: yesterday I discovered the audio science fiction magazine StarShipSofa. The weekly podcast, which can be streamed online, downloaded, or subscribed to via iTunes, presents brilliantly narrated science fiction poetry, short stories, and reviews. I strongly suggest you check it out!!

Lest I go entire post without mentioning Gene Wolfe, I should point out that StarShipSofa has recorded two Wolfe works:

Gene Wolfe and Lawrence Santoro, 'The Tree is My Hat,' StarShipSofa, podcast no. 49, 6 November 2008.

An audio play of 'The Tree is My Hat' (1999) in issue no. 49, written by Wolfe and adapted by Santoro. The story is connected to Wolfe's recent novel An Evil Guest. This audio version is particularly exciting, because Neil Gaiman is in the cast! (Grade: A)

Gene Wolfe, 'The Vampire Kiss,' StarShipSofa, podcast no. 60, 22 January 2009.

A sad but enjoyable short story, which feels like it is set in the Victorian era. The vampire of the tale is reminiscent of the vampiric 'inhumi' of The Book of the Short Sun in its characteristics, biology/mythology, and eating patterns. Significant? (Grade: B+)

'The Vampire Kiss' is also available in print in StarShipSofa's first printed volume (cover below), which collects short stories by many eminent SF authors, and is available as a print-on-demand paperback and as a free e-book.

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